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We now entering something called the “Global Creative Economy”, which is marked by a growing international workforce in cre­ative industries (like graphics production and teaching).  Consequently, we should all be practicing the abstract thinking skills (needed to generate new areas of knowledge in the future), as forecasted by researchers like Richard Florida

Personally, I am already becoming quite fluent with the need for abstract thought, with making graphics and instructional materials.  And, if I create a design, painting, or a lesson that is both visually-pleasing and filled rich with content, I feel satisfied because I believe that speaking with a clear and visually dynamic voice is an important challenge (in today's world).  However, this practice can often leave you (the designer) feeling as if you are in an in-between place creatively.  And, I find significance in these stages of design because when my goals change, I am really just forming a clearer, more dynamic visual method of communication. 

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