What is multi-literacy:

Multiliteracy is an increasingly popular term in today's world; and it can be described through situational contexts.  For instance, when you use a new computer based technology, you are exploring digital literacy.  When you are driving a car and following the posted arrow signs around a sharp embankment, you are using visual literacy.  When you read a book, in the English language (or in any other written language), you are using phonetic literacy.  These multiple definitions of literacy provide deeper learning experiences, and knowing how to accomplish multiple contemporary tasks, in several of these categories, is generally referred to as being ‘multiliterate’.

What is educational multimedia:

Multimedia learning tools are a unique combination of data, pictures, phonetic text, audio, and video in a tablet computer, smart phone, or desktop computer.  Frequently, a combination of both traditional instruction methods and multimedia is used is used in the contemporary classroom and this hybrid teaching model is called a blended experience.

What is graphicacy:

Graphicacy is the ability to comprehend statistical data and also read and generate spatially accurate maps; generally graphicacy is a skill associated with the production of graphical artefacts like a computer generated blueprint (Olande, n.d.).

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